Are you frustrated with your Certificate of Deposit and Money Market Account Returns?

Private Lending Group Inc. is a Hard Money Lender with offices in Chicago and Oakbrook Terrace. We specialize in the origination of high-yield loans secured by first mortgages or trust deeds on residential and commercial investment real estate in major metropolitan cities. Our 1st trust deeds range from $30,000 to $1,000,000. The rate of returns are better than bank yields and the collateral is only investment real estate with a Loan to Value of 75% or less.

We are not a mortgage fund, so all loans can be owned 100% by you as the investor, and it is even possible to use your retirement account. Private lending represents an excellent new opportunity for investors to earn better rates then on Certificates of Deposit or even then the 10-year average return delivered by over 90% of all Mutual Fund Managers on the S & P of 4%.

Investments begin at $20,000, the interest rates earned are a favorable 10% per year, paid out monthly to you, or your retirement account by auto-deposit.  The collateral is a valuable investment in real estate in great neighborhoods in major metropolitan cities. We believe that these loans represent a sound alternative to larger and/or fractional trust deed or mortgage investments.

One of the biggest advantages to private investors is that the loan in closed in your name or a corporate entity of yours. All loans are closed by title company, giving the investor the opportunity to conduct due diligence in an orderly fashion, including:

    1. Current Valuation
    2. Loan Application
    3. Current Credit Report
    4. Title Report & Policy

We provide the complete loan request information to you before the loan closing in a single organized package, we strive to provide the complete loan request information and underwritten file to help you make a fast fully informed investment decision. If you would like to know more about mortgage or trust deed investments. All loans are serviced by a 3rd party licensed and bonded company with over 2 Billion in private mortgage loan servicing, and you will have interest payments auto deposited in your retirement or bank account.

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